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Labour Birthing Recovery Post-Partum POD A

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Labour Birthing Recovery and Postpartum Room (LBRP)

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Designed with patient comfort and the patient experience in mind, the Labour Birth Recovery and Postpartum (LBR/LBRP) Rooms at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will allow women to labour, deliver, recover and receive postpartum care with their newborn baby in the same patient room.

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Labour/Birthing/Recovery and Postpartum rooms provide an ideal birthing space for mothers-to-be and their families to be together before, during or after birth, as they wish. All rooms have a dedicated washroom, with some rooms having a labouring tub and some having a shower.

Each spacious and bright room has three distinct areas:

  • An area for mother and baby
  • A space for families to share in the birth of a new baby, and stay if the mother agrees
  • An area for staff to work close by, without disturbing the family

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